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Violations of Probation

I handled hundreds of Violation of Probation Cases, as a prosecutor, where it was my duty to prove to the Court that the defendant had violated his/her probation. I will use that knowledge in order to assist you in preparation for your violation of probation hearing. I will guide you in every step of the way and will determine what is needed in order to lower any possible unavoidable sentence, to obtain a dismissal of your violation, and/or to obtain a reinstatement of your probation.

Reasons To Violate Probation:

1. New Law violation (being arrested for a new crime)
2. Not completing Community Service hours
3. Not completing court-ordered classes/courses
4. Not completing court-ordered treatments
5. Not paying Fines
6. Not paying Court Costs
7. Not paying Restitution (if ordered by the court as a condition of probation)
8. Not reporting to scheduled appointments with probation services
9. Not maintaining contact with probation services
10. Other matters which can show the State and the Court that probation should be revoked and terminated and a jail sentence imposed.
Please note that there is no right to a Bond in a Violation of Probation case. It would be up to the judge to reinstate your Bond, once your attorney requests the court to do so, and a hearing on the matter is heard.

If you are currently on State probation, a violation could mean that you are faced with the possibility of facing prison, if your underlying charge called for a prison sentence. Having the assistance of an experienced attorney can make a difference, especially if your violation includes allegations of a new law offense.

Having a violation of probation in your record can also add points to your scoresheet, if you have any, and can bring adverse consequences to your Driver’s license, employment, State benefits, and student aid.

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